Pee-B-Gone Recipe

Quite a few years ago my sister had a cat, Pearl (Of Blessed Memory), who peed on everything. In desperation and wanting to kill Pearl (no, she didn’t and that is not why Pearl is Of Blessed Memory – she just got old) she called her Ph.D. in some sort of chemistry that we can’t remember the name of son and begged him to beg/borrow/steal/invent a smell and stain remover that was guaranteed to work. She’d used all the expensive fancy schmancy ones and none did the job. Dr. Chem We Can’t Remember found what we now call Pee-B-Gone somewhere online. There have been variations around the internet but if you follow these instructions exactly you will get an odor eliminator that won’t bleach your furniture, is non-toxic, and works on everything from urine, to carpet covered in mackerel scented cat diarrhea (yes, this happened to us), to stinky teenage boy sneakers. Or girl. Either one. And any other stinks you can thinks of – it’s worth a shot.

So as a run up to the much anticipated Fat Tabby Poo Review (remember multimillion dollar study!) (or not!) we are sharing this amazing concoction.


1 – 2 drops (yes drops) of Blue Dawn Dish Soap. ONLY the original Blue Dawn works. Doesn’t matter if it is concentrated or not, but has to be the blue stuff.

1 cup 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

1 teaspoon of Baking Soda

Put all in a bowl and mix gently with a spoon until baking soda is dissolved. Pour into a spray bottle and there you go! You can double this as needed – many spray bottles hold much more. Spray nasty spot until saturated and let dry. Do not mop up. Reapply as needed. We have used this on all sorts of fabrics with great success. You’ll be smelling sweet scented ocean breezes in no time! Okay, maybe not ocean breezes. Or sweet scented. But I guarantee it does an amazing job on mackerel scented cat diarrhea.

Hawaii Sunset


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