Fat Tabby is Growing


Fat Tabby has added four new independent contractor family members to increase our range of excellent services. Welcome Deanna McBride, Janie Guhin, Julie Ogg, and Brenda Fernandez to the family! We’ll be posting pictures and bios soon. In the meantime . . .

Deanna has been a wonderful friend to the Fat Tabby and Mr. Fat Tabby (yes there is one) for close to 15 years. She worked with the Mr. at World Savings before they both retired. Deanna is a dedicated pet lover and pet mama and helped us out with an extremely difficult volunteer job a few years ago – one that would weed out those who are faint of heart! Deanna will be taking new clients and is available for overnights as well as backing up the Fat Tabby for the holidays and the occasional day off.

Janie is a new friend of the Fat Tabby – one we met while walking the San Diego Ditch trail in Cedar Ridge with a client early in the summer. Janie moved here last year from Davis and is hoping for a real winter this year – aren’t we all? She graciously offered to step in when we were out of town to help us with a beloved client with last minute needs that conflicted with our schedule – so we snagged her! Janie will be taking new clients for dog walking and day sitting and also backing up the Fat Tabby for the holidays and the occasional day off.

Many of you will know Julie. She owned Heritage Cleaners for over 16 years. Of course, this is where we took all our cleaning for the past 20 years and know Julie very well. She frequently had her pugs in the shop with the “Don’t Pet Me I bite” signs! Julie will be available for new small animal day visit clients and holiday/day off backup.

Brenda Fernandez is a friend of our own (human) mom and a FOAC (Friends of the Animal Community) volunteer. She walks dogs who are boarded at Paws Inn for FOAC and became very attached to our Daisy Mae. Daisy is a beautiful brindle Staffordshire mix whose time was up at a shelter. A plea went out and FOAC stepped in a grabbed her. Daisy Mae was boarded for quite a while at Paws Inn and Brenda loyally went to walk her and spend time with her at every opportunity. Brenda will be taking new clients and is also available for overnights and again, backing up the Fat Tabby for the holidays and the occasional day off. (FYI: Daisy Mae – who is 100% pure sweetness – found her furever home earlier this year and is now a spoiled, pampered princess!)

All four are covered under the Fat Tabby bond and Insurance but have their own businesses. We are beyond thrilled that these wonderful women chose Fat Tabby! Welcome to the family!

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