A Sad Story Today

I just got back from a meet n greet in a neighboring county that we usually don’t service. They haven’t had access to a professional pet sitter and have been forced to use what we call “hobby sitters.” They had an elderly cat who required medicine injections twice a day. They were gone for three days last week and when they got back the cat had taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Turns out the “sitter” didn’t give even one of the already preloaded injections! They were still on the counter near the food – no way she merely missed them or forgot.

When my new client called me on Friday she was upset – they had rushed him to the vet and were waiting to hear. Sadly, he passed. He also was not getting his food and water because the sitter was supposed to feed him separately from the dogs and she didn’t. We met one of the other cats who now has a bad upper respiratory infection – this is stress induced. This family was not trying to save money with a bargain sitter – they simply didn’t know we existed. We go above and beyond for our clients and we are available 24/7/365 for them. Plus we have a great team to back one another up. I don’t know how long this little guy had – he was 17 – but I know this crisis would not have happened with a Fat Tabby professional. Breaks my heart – and makes me angry that there are people out there passing themselves off as caring pet sitters who are anything but. This is one of the worst stories but I have heard others. Please use Pet Sitters International​’s locater to find a professional in your area. Your fur children will thank you.

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