Summer, Fires, Time Off (?!) and Morse!

Wellllll . . . this will be brief but I did want to touch base. Summer has been crazy busy and hot hot hot! And every time I turn around we are on fire. The same day as the Butte Fire broke out we had one on Big Hill Road they called the Oak Fire. I had a large number of clients in the path but thankfully only one currently active cat client and I evacuated them and stashed them in my laundry room for two days. Then yesterday we had one break out about 1/2 mile from my own home – thankfully it didn’t spread far. I won’t even get into the sadness that is the Valley Fire in Lake County. El Nino cannot arrive fast enough!

Needless to say we are all pretty exhausted here. I am hoping to take a week off later in October or November and will post the dates when I know more but I wanted to notify clients now to expect that. Also, my yearly St. Nicholas Day party for my kids and grandkids will occur on December 5th this year so I will not be available for jobs on December 4th, 5th, or 6th. I do have Cathy and Janie who might be available to back me up with my clients those days but availability will be first come first serve so please call way in advance. Other than that I do work all holidays.

In the meantime enjoy this picture sent to us today of Fat Tabby Family Member Morse Moore. His mom, Carrie, is a CalFire dispatcher – THANK YOU CARRIE!! Morse just happens to also be a Fat Tabby. Notice his shark cat costume in the background? Last time I sat for Morse he wouldn’t let me put it on. I did try. Haha! Morse has a special “viewing station” – mom’s salt water fish tank. One day we’ll introduce you to the denizens of the deep: Jacques, Clara, Patty, Flash, and Fabio.


2 thoughts on “Summer, Fires, Time Off (?!) and Morse!

  1. Thanks for Update Mike and Connie Miller We hope you get your deserved rest. we would like to plan another trip to Disney with another set of grandkids Some time in November after Thanks giving. Wondering if Cathy might be able to come for about three days ? I will contact you with dates as soon as my daughter gives them to me. thanks Connie

    • Hi Connie! Cathy is gone this weekend but please email me your dates and I’ll check with her. I know she already has a sit scheduled in November but I don’t know those dates or what her holiday schedule is. Touch base with me next week, okay?

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