Happy Happy October!

Wow – as I type it’s RAINING! I’ve been too busy to look at much news or weather so it was sure a welcome surprise this morning. October and November are my two favorite months: not just because of the cool down and the holidays and my birthday but . . .


I take that back.

It IS because of the cool down and the holidays and my birthday.

As a gift to myself Fat Tabby will be on vacation from my final client visit on October 23rd through October 29th. I do have Cathy and Janie who may be able to visit clients who must be gone during that time but clients must book as early as possible and slots are limited. I will also be unavailable December 4th through December 6th for my annual St. Nicholas Day party that I throw for my kids and granddaughters so please plan accordingly.

In the meantime enjoy the cool rain and . . .


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