Snow Policy

Please know these policies are in the best interest of your pet, their safety, and my insomnia if I worry too much.

Snow Policy

It is rare when we have enough snow that I cannot get to a job – in fact it has yet to happen. But we’ve had major snow events in the past and they could happen again. Please be assured I will do everything possible to see your fur child each day even if it’s very early or very late.

Cat Clients: Please know that I monitor the weather situation closely and will double up on food and water the day before if we are expecting snow. Cats do just fine missing a day of human contact (they can’t miss meals though) unless they require medication. If they require medication please see if you have a trusted neighbor who can fill in. Check with your vet to see if skipping a day will be detrimental.

Dog Clients: This is where the “potty policy” above comes into play. Dogs do much better than cats missing a meal – they can go a while without eating (just don’t tell them that) – but the bathroom breaks are the issue here. Please see if there is a trusted neighbor within walking distance who may fill in. I will do everything to get to your pets as soon as the roads are passable.

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