The WooPet Scatter Control Litter Mat


71h244rQdlL._SL1001_As some may know I have seven indoor cats. I use two very large totes that we jigsawed holes in for litter boxes as my cats are too many and too big for the usual dainty baby boxes sold in stores. I sweep at least twice a day and still have litter everywhere. I’ve tried a number of expensive mats but Tigger shreds them; he’s one who thinks if it’s outside the box it needs to be inside and he’ll pull everything in to cover up whatever he just pooped out.

These showed up on Amazon a few days ago. I was at wit’s end knowing I’m rapidly losing the “litter everywhere” battle. After researching and reading reviews on a number of sites I bought two of them.

Expensive? Yep.

Worth it? Every single penny!

These are hands down the best litter mats I’ve used. They are thick and heavy so they can’t be shredded or dragged into the box. The waffle weave is two layers and traps the litter like nothing I’ve ever seen. Today I had ZERO litter on the floor – this was after a marathon sweeping session last night to make sure we started fresh and I could gauge the litter trapping ability.

Do yourself a favor: just get them.

You can order them here from Amazon. They appear to be for sale at a couple of other online retailers but none I recognized otherwise I’d post more links.

Enjoy walking barefoot on your floors again!


2 thoughts on “The WooPet Scatter Control Litter Mat

  1. Jan Mike and I love this idea . We have a very busy litter box cat. Could you please give me a call when you have time we would like to go away on the night on MARCH 9TH THANKS SO MUCH CONNIE MILLER

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