Important Info on Grain Free Diets

Sierra Veterinary Care in Sonora has been doing a lot of work and research on grain free diets. There is new info out there that points to them causing severe illness. If you don’t follow Sierra Vet on Facebook it would be a good idea. Here’s their latest post on the grain free issue. (Note: I’ve never liked grain free – my cats’ fur looked awful on it years ago and I stopped. I feed ProPlan Indoor with a Purina Vet formula for urinary issues.)

“Remember that grain-free issue I have been ranting about for months?? UCD School of Veterinary Medicine released the paper on which diets they are seeing the disease in. Some may say I’m biased but our veterinary school is the best in the world!!

In short it includes: Taste of the Wild venison and Legumes, ACANA (multiple formulas), 4health (multiple formulas), Zignature Lamb, Instinct Lamb, Nutrisource chicken and rice, Kirkland Signature, FROMM (multiple formulas) and Orijen. If you are feeding these diets we strongly advise you change diets faster than you can say FOOD TRIALS ARE SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!! This entire disease would have been avoided had companies done feed trials on their food. Their AAFCO statement should say their food underwent a feeding trial.

If the food your dog is on isn’t on the above no no list, we still strongly advise changing to a diet that has had a feed trial done on it because a diet can easily be poorly formulated and be flying under the radar. The easy ones we suggest feeding are: Hill’s Science Diet (my personal favorite), Royal Canin, and PurinaProPlan. Here’s the article for your reference:

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