Thank you Lia!

Just got this lovely recommendation from my former client Lia. I had the pleasure of taking care of their cats Chauncey and Habu. Chauncey loved his brushing time but Habu was what I called an invisi-cat – she disappeared when I walked in the door. Occasionally she’d peer down from the top of the stairs “phantom of the opera” style: you could only see half her face as the other half was hidden behind a wall lol.

“My husband and I lived in the Sonora area temporarily before moving back to SoCal. While living in Sonora, we traveled to SoCal often for several days at a time. We were so grateful that a friend told us about Jan and her pet-sitting services. We couldn’t have been happier, or felt more at ease with the care that our pets received. Jan asked us what level of communication we’d like about her daily visits, and even offered photos and videos. She is very knowledgeable and keeps herself informed on the latest regarding the health and safety of animals. Her love and care for their well-being creates an environment of trust that is unmatched. While she is a pet-sitter, not a “house-sitter” she is willing to help out with simple things like bringing in your trash can, or bringing in newspapers from the driveway, time provided. I highly recommend using the services of Fat Tabby pet-sitting. Jan is very in-tune to the different personalities and needs of your furry (or scaley, feathery, etc) family members. You can feel secure and confident that they will be safe, clean, loved and happy. ~ Lia”

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