Why Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

I once advertised Fat Tabby on SitterCity as it was free. I got one really great client from there and both they and I were lucky. After that SitterCity wanted more $$ to advertise in MY area – I was being advertised in the Central Valley. Rover, DogVacay, SitterCity, and Care.com – these are web software companies not pet (or baby) sitting companies. Anyone can be on there. Despite what they claim NONE of those sites properly “vets” a sitter. No one ever contacted me or asked me information. I didn’t have to fork out any money (a line that divides the pros from the cons – literally).

I only recommend that people go to Pet Sitters International (my professional organization) or the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters to find a sitter who is honest and reliable. When a sitter has taken the time and invested the money to be vetted, bonded, and insured you know they won’t do this. Your pets are worth the investment.


Happy Tales Whiley


Whiley Beaver

Once again it’s time to say a “Happy Tales” to a Fat Tabby Family member. Whiley Beaver has been my client for over a year and will be moving back with relatives of her mom in Davis since their new rental will not allow Whiley. Fortunately the relatives also have Whiley’s BFF and littermate sister Kota and her Feline Brofur Sammy. Unfortunately Auntie Tabby will miss her something fierce. Hopefully she’ll come back for visits from time to time.


Whiley and Brofur Sammy

Fat Tabby Calendar


Our weather may be hit and miss but the Fat Tabby Calendar says the busy Summer Season has begun. I’ve added a new feature to the blog – on the right hand side there is a real time calendar with dates that are already booked or getting close to being booked. In order to maintain my health (I had some challenges last year) I have to limit the number of daily clients to no more than seven total visits. That usually amounts to a 10 hour day for me considering time on the road in the mountains and various emergencies I walk into at a client’s home. I will also be trying to plan semi-regular days off as a health and safety measure. Please check Fat Tabby’s availability dates when planning your trip.

Jan is going on vacation!



Welp, I’ve not had a vacation since starting the business four years ago. I’m planning on June 4th through June 11th right now. I’m not sure where I am going or what I’ll be doing; probably just day trips because I’m not sure I can explain to my cats that I will be away. So far June is slow at the beginning of the month and I’d like to take advantage of that before summer busy season hits. So please keep that in mind when you need to book me.

Then it will be: Bring on Summer! I’m ready for warmth and sun, how about you?

Logan Pupdate

Logan is doing great according to Pauline! “He just kept getting better and better after you sent him Reiki.”

I have worked on a number of other dogs since – including my best friend’s very nervous German Shepherd Kuma. The results still surprise even me and I KNOW it works!

KXLY, a news station in Idaho, recently did a story on how Reiki and other energy therapies help (human) cancer patients. You can find that story here.

Call anytime to schedule a Reiki session for your fur child. Remember: I am not bound by distance. I can send Reiki anywhere in the world.


Reiki Works

What I just posted in my Wild Reiki Facebook group – please call if you are interested in a free 15 minute distance session to see Reiki for yourself.

“I just had an amazing experience! A pet sitting client contacted me yesterday when I posted that I was ready to offer Reiki to my clients. Their 9 year old dog Logan had a leg removed last week due to soft tissue sarcoma. Poor Logan was in pain and very restless at night – every night since the surgery. I was very busy last night and didn’t have time to sit and do the send I wanted to – I did two 5 minute quickies before bed – but I remembered Rose (my teacher) said that Reiki flowed while asleep too (at least when we did it on ourselves). So as I was getting into bed I set the intention for the Reiki to flow all night to Logan.

When I got up I texted my clients to see how he did. Here is their response:”

“We are absolutely amazed. There was not a peep out of Logan ALL NIGHT!! This morning he is calm and relaxed. We didn’t try and get him on the bed and he seemed OK with that. THANK YOU 😊

“I am Logan’s pet parent, and I just had to say again how incredible this was. I had gotten up every night – 2 and 3 times – since the surgery 10 days ago, to calm Logan or give pain meds. Last night after Jan sent Reiki to Logan he – and us – slept the whole night. I am not sure I know how this works, but it does, and we are so grateful to Jan for this service. She is also a great pet sitter!”