Animal Companion Loss

We have a guest blogger today: Jennifer Dawn Smith, Faster EFT Practitioner. On a personal note: I have had sessions with Jennifer to deal with both pet loss and human loss in my life. I can attest to the power of Faster EFT and to the truth of Jennifer’s pain as I was Minnie’s pet sitter. And yes, now Izzy and Ben are part of the Fat Tabby family as well.


When I was in college, I snuck a puppy into my “pet-free” apartment I shared with a VERY understanding room-mate (she ate her shoes). I hadn’t made ANY plans to adopt a puppy; I could barely feed myself.  But fate intervened.

We were a case of love at first sight.

For the next 15 years, we were inseparable. Our intense bond was forged as I grew into an adult, and Minnie was always there for me, believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. As she aged, the thought of losing her shut me down.

Who would root for me when she was GONE?

I had to think about other things to get my mind off it as I stroked her gray muzzle and snuggled up to her little-old-lady body those last couple of winters.  I didn’t want to let her go. When I did finally lose her, at the glorious age of 15, and after her recovery from 2 strokes, it STILL came as a shock.


The trauma of her death, the emptiness in my home and heart, THE INTENSITY OF THE PAIN. It felt like the one “person” who really knew me, really saw the REAL me – was gone forever. I told myself I would NEVER have another relationship like that in my life again – it was a once in a lifetime love-connection.


For a year, I felt like joy had left me completely.  I was depressed. I had trouble sleeping. I felt like I didn’t like dogs anymore and I hated seeing other people happy with their dogs. It hurt, and I felt sorry for them knowing what they were up against. I told myself I could NEVER go through that again. As a result, we had a new pup I couldn’t connect to.


When I looked at Izzy, I just didn’t like her. It felt like the feeling was mutual. She annoyed me.  She wasn’t Minnie.  She NEVER would be. As we struggled, she became my husband’s dog.  I didn’t care.


With more time, the pain became less intense but only because I pushed Minnie’s image and memory away. I put away the photos and stopped talking and thinking about her. People gave me books about grieving a pet, but I couldn’t even open them. They seemed like a recipe for more pain. A part of me secretly feared that “overcoming my loss” would be like losing her all over again.


For awhile, I fantasized about how I might see Minnie again after I died, but being non-religious, I didn’t know if that was really a possibility. This idea was of little comfort to me after her death. Well-meaning people were right when they said things like: “Fifteen years is a good life for a dog.” But to me that didn’t matter. Fifteen years with my best friend and child was too short.  They couldn’t relate.


Part of the reason I couldn’t think of my beloved Minnie without pain for years was, when I did:  ALL I saw was her death. And my regrets. Remembering her meant I experienced the horror of it all over again. It affected my mood intensely. I felt sad, angry, guilty and helpless.  It was a MESS. My beautiful relationship with Minnie had somehow been removed, and some terrible form of Post Traumatic Stress was occupying it’s place.

Then I found Faster EFT.

When I applied Faster EFT to my experience of losing Minnie, something amazing happened:

I got her back.

All of a sudden, the bad pictures and sad feelings evaporated.

I could think of her and see new memories now:

  • Our walks in the woods
  • Us frolicking at the beach
  • The day she stole the prawns off the kitchen counter.

I could SEE it ALL again, and IT FELT SO GOOD!

The only tears that came were tears of RELIEF.

Relief that I could finally feel my love for her again and remember our GOOD TIMES – without any pain or the horrible memories of her death getting in the way. The devastating feeling was gone. I could look at pictures of us together again and laugh and smile. When I thought of her, I felt warm inside and got a feeling of connection.  It felt like strength.


I knew this was true when, out of the blue, I started connecting to Izzy. I started noticing her funny side. I started looking forward to her quirky, fire-cracker attitude and fell in love with her freckled face. She forgave me for ignoring her and jumped right into the relationship with me, anxious to make up for lost time. I found myself talking to other dog owners again, petting their babies and coming back into the crowd I’d left – my crowd.


When we adopted Izzy’s brother Ben, I got to experience loving a tiny puppy through all the fun stages of growing and learning again. This was something I never thought I could to do again, but I found myself signing up. We bonded intensely, and now he’s my “baby boy” – sixty pounds of chocolaty brown love.


Though neither of my current dogs is “Minnie”, I can honestly say I love them just as much as I loved her. I never would have thought this was possible, because when I was stuck in the pain, I couldn’t fathom it. What I have learned is, “overcoming” your grief and loss CAN be simple with the right tool. When you use it, it opens up new worlds. Coming out of the dark side and back to the light brings you new opportunities.nA chance see the relationships you have NOW with new eyes, and a strength that wasn’t there before.


If you’ve lost a special animal companion, please consider using Faster EFT to recover from YOUR grief and loss. You CAN feel good again.  I’m living proof. As a grief and loss expert, this is one of the main focuses of my work with clients today. It’s near and dear to my heart. I can’t imagine my life without the connection I have with the animals in my life today. I want you to be able to say the same.

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Free Healing From Pet Loss Seminar

Jennifer Smith is a much loved part of our Fat Tabby Family and a Faster EFT practitioner. I highly recommend checking out her upcoming free seminar on this important topic that devastates so many of us.

“I’m holding a FREE seminar at the end of the month. Hot Topic: PET LOSS. This has had a huge effect on my personal life because I have loved my pets so tremendously. I am forever grateful for the gift of Faster EFT in helping me to heal the deep wounds around their exits from my life and am thrilled to help you do the same. Please join us on Saturday, August 30th from 11am to 1pm at the Sonora Delta Blood Bank. At this seminar you will learn how to use this technique to feel greater resolution and emotional closure around the “event” and it’s aftermath.”

On Facebook: Jennifer Smith
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Pee-B-Gone Recipe

Quite a few years ago my sister had a cat, Pearl (Of Blessed Memory), who peed on everything. In desperation and wanting to kill Pearl (no, she didn’t and that is not why Pearl is Of Blessed Memory – she just got old) she called her Ph.D. in some sort of chemistry that we can’t remember the name of son and begged him to beg/borrow/steal/invent a smell and stain remover that was guaranteed to work. She’d used all the expensive fancy schmancy ones and none did the job. Dr. Chem We Can’t Remember found what we now call Pee-B-Gone somewhere online. There have been variations around the internet but if you follow these instructions exactly you will get an odor eliminator that won’t bleach your furniture, is non-toxic, and works on everything from urine, to carpet covered in mackerel scented cat diarrhea (yes, this happened to us), to stinky teenage boy sneakers. Or girl. Either one. And any other stinks you can thinks of – it’s worth a shot.

So as a run up to the much anticipated Fat Tabby Poo Review (remember multimillion dollar study!) (or not!) we are sharing this amazing concoction.


1 – 2 drops (yes drops) of Blue Dawn Dish Soap. ONLY the original Blue Dawn works. Doesn’t matter if it is concentrated or not, but has to be the blue stuff.

1 cup 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

1 teaspoon of Baking Soda

Put all in a bowl and mix gently with a spoon until baking soda is dissolved. Pour into a spray bottle and there you go! You can double this as needed – many spray bottles hold much more. Spray nasty spot until saturated and let dry. Do not mop up. Reapply as needed. We have used this on all sorts of fabrics with great success. You’ll be smelling sweet scented ocean breezes in no time! Okay, maybe not ocean breezes. Or sweet scented. But I guarantee it does an amazing job on mackerel scented cat diarrhea.

Hawaii Sunset