Why Choose Fat Tabby?

Professional Pet Sitting

Fat Tabby and Friends Premium Pet Sitting IS my career. This is why I am a member of professional pet organizations such as Pet Sitters International and Women in the Pet Industry Network. There may be many who pet sit on the side (we call them “hobby sitters” in the industry), but if something should happen to your pet will they know what to do? Are you, the client, protected because they have bonding and insurance? Do they have systems in place to handle emergencies? Do they have working relationships with local vets? Will they know the signs of an ailing pet? Can they transport the pet to the veterinarian and will they? Do they genuinely LOVE animals? Do they love YOUR pets and show it? Are they Pet CPR Certified? Fat Tabby can answer ‘Yes!’ to all these questions.

You can feel secure that Fat Tabby will not be closing up and leaving the area putting you in a bind to find another reliable, responsible, professional pet sitter. Both my husband’s and my extended families are residents in the area: parents, children, siblings, and grandchildren. My husband’s family has lived in Tuolumne County for over 60 years with his grandparents moving to the area in the 1950s. My family has been here over 30 years. We are staying put!

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