Safe Travels Rocky and Heidi and Family!

Safe Travels Rocky and Heidi and Family!

Happy Tails little buddy! We are wishing a bittersweet farewell to Fat Tabby family members Rocky (formerly Romeo), his sister Heidi (formerly Katie) and their dad and mom David and Jeanne (no ‘formerly;’ those are their real names). This is Rocky trying out his “Taj Mahal” travel crate built by his dad for utmost comfort on their two day car ride to the family’s new home in Idaho. We hope to see updates from the whole family in their new digs!

Update 5/2/14 from Dave and Jeanne: “We arrived safe and sound last evening.  The cats were great – not a peep out of Rocky almost the whole trip and just a few comments from Heidi every time we slowed down or turned off the highway.  The litter got spread around pretty thoroughly in the kennels, but they both peed and pooped, so there were no blockages!  They have the run of the house and seem to be doing just great – even finding the litter boxes and their food and water.  Heidi seems to have mellowed out about hissing so much at Rocky but not entirely.  We miss all our friends at church and singing in the choir – we loved it all.”

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