Sweet Dreams my Bitty Girl


Cosette was tiny – she never weighed more than 5 pounds – so I called her my “Bitty Girl.”

Tonight I had to say goodbye to my 18 year old Cosette. She was fine a week ago then, as cats tend to do, she just suddenly “tanked.” Dr. Jackson at Twain Harte Vet did a short exam and found a mass in her abdomen.

I offered her Reiki the entire time and was playing Reiki chants on my phone. Dr. Jackson said it was hands down the most peaceful transition she’d ever done and she swore she was being totally honest. She said the peace was palpable. I could feel it but was happy to know others did too. The first time she walked into the room her first words to me were, “Wow it’s so peaceful in here.” Reiki works and I’m thankful I was able to use Reiki to calm me down so I could be peaceful and present for Cosette. Fly free Bitty Girl – run home and see Tabitha and Toby and wait for mama by the gate. I love you.


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