Digital Detox


Well we all made it through the holidays. I think this was the first Christmas I didn’t have a client emergency! Despite that I’m still pretty exhausted so, since January is a traditionally very slow month, I am taking a month long digital break. We don’t have television – not since 2007 – and I get text and email bookings so I will be on the computer or phone each day but I won’t be on news sites nor social media during this time.

This is not some sanctimonious “I’m too good for the Internet and if you were smart you’d follow my example” nonsense. I really dislike that attitude. This is for me to get some healthier daily habits in place during my slow time: meditation, more consistent exercise, daily grounding, normal human being bed times, things like that. I also need to be more creative in my real life and want to start writing again.

Once a new habit is practiced for 30 days there’s a high likelihood that it becomes permanent. My goal is to have those habits in place once busy season begins again.

If you need to contact me the Fat Tabby number is my cell phone. I’m also on WhatsApp.

Have a peaceful January!

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